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New Legislation for animal transportation

In addition to detailed specifications for general animal welfare such as hygiene, feeding, rest periods and adequate space, the Regulation contains specific reference to the use of ventilation control, temperature recording equipment and a navigation/tracking system.

For example the ventilation system must be designed so that at any time during the journey the temperature within the transporter is maintained between 5`C and 30`C with a +/- 5`C tolerance depending on outside temperature. The temperature recorder must have sensors located in the transporter which are most likely to experience the worst climatic conditions and the recording device must include an alarm system to warn the driver when temperatures fall outside of the acceptable range. Recordings must be dated, made regularly and retained for subsequent inspection as and when required.

Additionally from 1 January 2007, for all new transporters and from 1 January 2009, for all transporters then in service, an appropriate navigation/tracking system must be fitted to the vehicle. This system has to be capable of providing a record of any journey undertaken for the purpose of transporting animals including place of departure, destination and detailed journey log. The European Commission is currently undergoing an in-depth study of navigation systems aimed at producing a more precise specification for such equipment. The objective is for this to be completed and implemented fully by January 2010.

It should be noted that some of the requirements outlined in EC 1/2006 have been amended in England by Statutory Instrument 2006/3260, The Welfare of Animals (Transport) (England) Order 2006. This supplementary legislation confers certain derogations when transporting in England only. However should any vehicle travel outside of this area they are required to meet the full EU Regulation EC1/2005 and for this reason it is this latter legislation that UK transporters are recommended to follow.

Houghton-Parkhouse Ltd of Milnthorpe Cumbria is the leading UK manufacturer of Livestock Transporters and is fully aware of the new legislation. They have recently produced a highly specified demonstration vehicle which includes many innovative features and which is also designed to comply with Regulation EC 1/2005.

Working in conjunction with Seven Eye, Houghton-Parkhouse are assisting in the design and development of a web based tracking and temperature recording system specifically for animal transport applications and which can monitor the temperature in up to four separate decks within the transporter. The temperature data is accessed through Seven`s secure web service together with pinpoint vehicle positional information and the on-board system provides the capability to automatically operate cooling fans to moderate the temperature on each of the four decks. There is also an in-cab alarm to alert the driver if any of the temperatures fall outside of the 5`C to 30`C acceptable band for any reason.

Michael Houghton Managing Director of Houghton-Parkhouse said, "The new European Regulation must be seen as a step forward in ensuring the welfare of livestock during transportation. Our development with Seven Eye will enable operators using Houghton-Parkhouse livestock transporters to meet the requirements of this Regulation simply and effectively.";

For further details regarding the impact that Regulation EC 1/2005 and SI 2006/3260 has on the transport of animal livestock you are recommended to contact your local DEFRA agent through

New Legislation for animal transportation
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